Bernard Campbell & Company has a dedicated solicitor who can help you with administration of your loved one’s estate. Whether there is a will or not we can advise about rights of possible beneficiaries, how to best deal with the assets and deal with Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax. Where Inheritance Tax is payable we will advise on executing a deed of variation to reduce the amount of Tax due. We will guide you through the court application and submit tax returns, liaise with tax advisers, creditors, accountants, valuers, stockbrokers, financial advisors and banks on your behalf.

Dependents who have not been properly provided for under the intestacy rules or under a Will when a loved one dies can make an application to the Court to be granted a share in the assets of an estate. The Court has the power to alter Wills and otherwise make provisions to make sure those who have an entitlement are properly provided for. We can advise and if necessary take court proceedings to either protect the rights of dependents or defend the rights of beneficiaries in an estate against undeserving claims.

There may also be concerns about the circumstances surrounding the making of a will. Issues such as mental capacity, undue influence and failure to follow the necessary formalities may arise and may lead to a successful challenge to a will. It is essential to raise such concerns as soon as possible if a challenge is to be made.